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Get a personalized moving quote and plan your budget accordingly

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    Packing Materials


    $ 28 each
    • To store items securely
    • 21"x14"x15 ( L x W x H )

    Packing Tape

    $ 10 each
    • To seal boxes safely
    • High quality & durable

    Bubble Wrap

    $ 10 each
    • To protect your stuff
    • Scratch proof, dirt proof

    Stretch Wrap

    $ 30 each
    • For furniture & appliances
    • To prevent scratches

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. The cost of moving house usually varies depending on the number of items and the distance of relocation. We will provide you with the most suitable and personalized moving quote. For more information, please contact us.

    We recommend that you provide as much detail as possible to the moving company, including the number of items to be transported, the date, time, distance between the old and new addresses, and whether there are stairs or platform lift involved.

    We will also advise you on the information we need to provide a more accurate quote based on your situation.

    In addition to the general transportation costs, there may be other service charges (if necessary), including tunnel fees, parking fees, pushing fees, and staircase fees. Rest assured that we will clearly list the charges in the quotation beforehand. You can also refer to the extra charges list above to avoid any concerns about overcharging.

    No worries. We will provide a transparent quote based on the number and type of items you provide.

    Unless the number and type of items to be transported on the day of the move differ from those quoted before, or if there are additional items to be moved, or if there are issues with stairs or remote parking lots that were not mentioned in the quote, we will not increase the price on the day of the move.

    Our moving fees do not include full insurance coverage. In the event of any damage to furniture or goods during transportation, our company only assumes a maximum compensation of 30% of the shipping fee.

    If necessary, you can purchase full insurance coverage from an insurance company.

    Some companies may include packaging and assembly service fees in their quotes, while others may charge additional fees. We recommend that you check with the moving company to confirm the exact moving fees.

    The cost of moving house is usually affected by factors such as distance, the number of items, transportation time, and the type of vehicle used.

    If you are unable to have us come to your home for an on-site quote, you can take photos of the items you need to move and contact us via WhatsApp to inquire about the moving fees. We will provide you with a quote based on the photos and quantity of items you provide.

    We prohibit our moving team and employees from accepting any form of tips from customers! However, we do not limit customers from voluntarily tipping to commend our employees and show appreciation to the team.